About Us

Tuesdays with Tillis protesters celebrating their 150th week marching in front of Thom Tillis' office. Signs read Tillis Supports Liars

Our Protests

Tuesdays with Tillis is a progressive grassroots community that protests peacefully every Tuesday at the Terry Sanford Federal Building in Raleigh. We are part of the Indivisible network. Our group is non-partisan but we share an interest in progressive leaders, bold policies, and a desire to work to improve our democracy.  Our weekly protests serve as a moral witness to Senator Tillis’ policies and his indifference to those he serves.

Our Community

Tuesdays with Tillis members believe that what we do at this point in history matters. We believe that the truth is important and that our democracy is worth defending. Our members love to take action, so you will find us involved in much of the hands-on work in many other local groups. In addition to our weekly protest, we co-sponsor events, lobby, canvas and march all over the triangle. If you feel overwhelmed by what you are reading in the news, a Tuesdays with Tillis event is a great place to connect with a community that is working to help our neighbors and improve our democracy.

Protesters on New Bern Ave in front of Senator Tillis' office march for immigration rightsThe Details

Tuesdays with Tillis works with different progressive groups each week to bring attention to important issues.  Our events page lists the topic each week.  You are welcome to create a sign or use one of ours. While you are with us, be sure to sign our weekly letter to Senator Tillis. We are also proud that The Raging Grannies have been part of our protest movement since the beginning. We always have great speakers, singing, marching and a feeling of community.

Tuesdays with Tillis protesters in front of Senator Tillis' office on New Bern AveJoin Us

The site is wheelchair accessible. If you have limited mobility, you are welcome to bring a chair and sit in the shade.  If you have a disability that might be a barrier to attendance, please contact us so we can do our best to help you attend. There are usually Spanish speakers among us, but let us know if you would like translation. Children and friendly pets are encouraged!

We meet from 11:30 to 12:30 at the Terry Sanford Federal Building at 310  New Bern Ave, Raleigh, in all weather! Parking is available in the lot behind Marble’s Museum for $2 an hour or on a residential street north of New Bern for free.

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