Mueller Report

Protester outside the Federal Building with sign: You might think it's OK, I don't. Mueller report discussed at the protest.Did Mueller Make the Case?
Pop Quiz Questions
Week 11, 10/01/2019
Reading assignment: PP 159-199
  1.  In a meeting on 11/30/2016, before the Trump administration had been sworn in, what did Kislyak offer to Jared Kushner?
  2. In that same meeting, what did Kushner ask of Kislyak and why didn’t either of these things occur?
  3. What five individuals associated with the Trump campaign were indicted and convicted of crimes as a result of the Mueller investigation?
  4. Why was the Trump campaign not indicted for campaign finance offenses regarding the June 9, 2016 meeting in Trump Tower?
  5. What were the primary considerations of the Special Counsels Office regarding prosecution and declination decisions related to Vol. 1 of the report?

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The Mueller Report

Mueller report reading assignment for this week is Volume II pp 103-159.  You can download the report here.  The quiz questions are below.

Lady Liberty and protesters march for free and fair elections, discuss Mueller report
1) “What exactly is the Magnitsky Act?”

2) “Which members of the Trump campaign attended the 06/09/2016 Trump Tower meeting?”
3) “Which Trump campaign official testified that he believed Donald Trump knew beforehand of a 06/09/2016 meeting in Trump Tower?”
4) “Who is Eric Prince’s sister?”
5) “Kirill Dmitriev served as an intermediary between Vladimir Putin and members of the Incoming Trump Administration prior to the inauguration.
 What specific task was Dmitriev asked to perform by Putin?”
Tiebreaker Question-“In your estimation, which individual with ties to Russia and/or Ukraine, and discussed in pages 103-159 of the Report, engaged in actions that posed the single biggest threat to the national security of the United States? Support your answer”

Thank you so much for reading this!  Have a good week, and don’t lose heart.  Things look bad, I know, but it is truly amazing how much strength people are bringing to their activism and awakening these days.  All our inner and outer efforts will bear fruit.

Mueller Report

This week’s assignment is Volume 1 pages 51-100. You can download the report here.
The quiz questions are as follows. Send your answers to by midnight Monday. Prizes awarded for best answers on Tuesday.
1) During the campaign period, Donald J. Trump Jr. had direct communications with WikiLeaks. What was the purpose?
2) Who was the primary contact associated with the Trump campaign charged with handling the Trump Tower Moscow project?
3) When did Michael Cohen plead guilty to making false statements to Congress pursuant to a plea agreement?
4) In late 2016, soon after the WikiLeak’s first release of stolen documents, a foreign government official contacted the FBI concerning a May encounter with which Trump campaign advisor? Why?
5) Who joined the Trump campaign in January 2016 as a foreign policy advisory and advocated for a pro-Russian position?
6) In all of the many contacts made by members associated with the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, which do you find most incriminating? Why?

Mueller Report

Tuesdays with Tillis is excited to be studying the Mueller report with social justice activist Al McSurley. Each week, we read a section of the report and answer questions. We are asking Senator Tillis and the community to join us in our studies.

Once again, here is the link to download the Mueller report. Send answers to

1. When did the FBI open the investigation into whether individuals associated with Trump’s campaign were coordinating with the Russian government in its interference in the campaign?
2.What was the the Internet Research Agency’s objective? Who funded the IRA?

3.When did the GRU begin to devise it’s plan to interfere with the US election? When did they begin to hack in to Democrats email accounts and whose computers?

4. The presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump showed interest in WikiLeaks’ s releases of documents and welcomed their potential to damage candidate Clinton. Beginning in June 2016, redacted began to forecast to senior Campaign officials that WikiLeaks would release information damaging to candidate Clinton. How long after Trump begged Russia “he hoped Russia would recover emails described as missing from a private server used by Clinton when she was Secretary of State did WikiLeaks dump the first set of emails? When and why did WikiLeaks release John Podesta’s emails?

5. In your minds why do you feel the Mueller investigators couldn’t find enough evidence of coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to prove conspiracy?