Moral Monday Action

On Monday, July 26, roughly a hundred people gathered on the sidewalk outside of Thom Tillis’s office in Raleigh for a Moral Monday lead by the Poor People’s Campaign of North Carolina.  Those assembled were attempting to raise awareness of, and demand support for, the For The People Act, The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, ending the filibuster, statehood for Washington, DC, and a $15.00/ hour minimum wage. 

Allied participating groups included the Forward Justice Law Firm, Fight For 15 NC, The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, Healthcare Workers for Justice, Tuesdays With Tillis, and the NC NAACP.

The For The People Act comes in response to voter suppression legislation, much like the “Monster Voter ID Law” that Senator helped write in 2012 in his capacity as Speaker of The House in NC and as ALEC’s (American Legislative Exchange Council) point person in the North Carolina General Assembly, are proliferating in state legislatures across the country. 

An attempt by Tuesday’s With Tillis organizer Karen Zeigler to deliver a petition in support of the For The People Act was rebuffed at the front door but the struggle for the defense of voting rights, for equal protection under the law, and for a living wage has just begun.     

Text and photos by Kevin A Smith

Letter to Senator Burr

Senator Burr,

There are several compelling reasons to convict ex President Trump for the article of impeachment before you now. They are:

The Rule of Law:
We agree with your recent statement that ex President Trump “bears responsibility for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th.” It is widely documented that “The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President.” The purpose of this insurrection was to prevent Congress from certifying the free and fair election of JR Biden by the Electoral College and the American voters.
He also, in the days and weeks prior to January 6th, conspired with multiple states’ election officials attempting to negate large swaths of legitimate votes for the purpose of overturning Biden’s election. Over 60 separate lawsuits from multiple states were either immediately rejected out-of-hand or lost, yet he persisted in telling the Big Lie that the election was stolen. Illegal actions must have consequences. He must face the consequences of his actions.

Constitutional Amendment XIV, Section3 states that, “No person shall … hold any office under the United States …. having previously taken an oath … as an officer of the United States … to support the Constitution, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Prevention, Not Retribution:
He must not be allowed to hold public office again. He has already stated his intention to run again in 2024. Perhaps over time he may well change his mind or be unable to fulfill that intention, however, we cannot allow for that possibility. He has shown over and over again that he does not learn his lesson; or at least the one we wish he would learn.

We must also look to the future and discourage any other future president from attempting any such similar actions. There must not be any “January
Exemption” for presidential behavior. The precedent that gets set as a result of these impeachment proceedings will either destroy or support our right of self determination for a very long time.

Heal the Nation’s Body Politic:
Trump supporters must be convinced that the election was not stolen from them. Republicans are the only ones who can dispel the lies that have been told about the 2020 election. The first step to convincing people is to convict ex President Trump, thereby laying the foundation of truth about the fairness of the 2020 election. We then call on all Republicans to publicly refute any and all claims that the election was stolen. The contrition must be genuine and universal.

Thank You for your time and consideration,

Tuesdays With Tillis
North Carolina, United States of America

Food Banks Near Meat and Poultry Plants

TWT member Elena Ceberio has compiled and vetted this database of food bank locations, generally within 25 miles of meat and poultry processing plants inspected by the USDA in North Carolina.

The information is broken out by county, then by the specific processing plant. In most cases there are four food banks listed for each of the plants.

If you are able, please support these food banks in any way possible and as often as possible. They are feeding people at a rate which is not sustainable without extraordinary effort on their part and in turn, we would hope to support them with the same commitment.

Please share this list freely, but do not provide it for any financial gain. If it is used in a public way, please cite the source.

If you would like to join one of TWT’s committees on immigrants or food security, please contact us here.

En español:

La miembro de TWT, Elena Ceberio, ha compilado y examinado esta base de datos de ubicaciones de bancos de alimentos, generalmente dentro de las 25 millas de las plantas de procesamiento de carne y aves inspeccionadas por el USDA en Carolina del Norte.

La información se desglosa por condado, luego por la planta de procesamiento específica. En la mayoría de los casos hay cuatro bancos de alimentos listados para cada una de las plantas.

Si puede, apoye a estos bancos de alimentos de cualquier manera posible y con la mayor frecuencia posible. Están alimentando a las personas a un ritmo que no es sostenible sin un esfuerzo extraordinario de su parte y, a su vez, esperamos apoyarlos con el mismo compromiso.

Comparta esta lista libremente, pero no la proporcione para obtener ganancias financieras. Si se usa de forma pública, cite la fuente.

Si desea unirse a uno de los comités de TWT sobre inmigrantes o seguridad alimentaria, contáctenos aquí.

Letter to Senator Burr

February 4, 2020

Dear Senator Burr,

If you have a shred of decency and if a tiny bit of your soul has not been lost to greed and lies, you must vote to remove this president.  It is inconceivable to us that you could continue to provide cover for the most powerful person in the world, a man who surrounds himself with criminals and undeniably acts like a mob boss.  You will have no credibility whatsoever if you fail to hold this man accountable for his brazen betrayal of our national security and election security.

The president’s lawyers argue, “Let the voters decide,” yet your party has completely eroded our confidence in our elections.  We know that if you do not find him guilty, this man will continue to find it perfectly normal to solicit foreign help for his election in 2020.  If he wins, American will not have any idea if it was “the voters” or foreign governments who made that decision.

Perhaps you never thought you would find yourself in a situation where you are one of a very few people on whom the entire future of our country depends.  Clearly nothing has prepared you for this weighty fate.  So far you have not shown yourself equal to it.  But you simply have to do the right thing, and it is simple.  You must vote to remove this president, because it is completely clear he is guilty of high crimes and is a danger to our national security and to our soul as a nation.

We all die eventually.  When you die, do you want to be remembered for being a coward or for standing up against all odds for the truth and for the Constitution of the United States of America?

Letter to Senator Burr

January 21, 2020

Dear Senator Burr,

We are hoping so much that you will be able to provide some moral leadership during this perilous time for our country.  We were outraged to learn that the intelligence community is failing to produce documents to Congress related to Ukraine.  As you know, according to the 1947 Security Act, the intelligence community must produce all relevant intelligence to Congress.  We are worried that intelligence agencies are giving in to pressure from the Trump Administration, and we call upon you as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to join Representative Schiff in a statement calling on them to produce these requested documents immediately.

We have seen the Department of Justice, the Attorney General of the United States, and now the Intelligence community each succumb to the president’s constant bullying.  If you do not stand up now for the rule of law, you are complicit in its destruction, and you are part of the cover up of the president’s corruption.

As the trial to remove the president begins, we implore you to consider your oath of office and the oath you took to be an impartial juror.  Our prayers are with you.

Karen Ziegler; this will be signed by all people at a protest today in Raleigh at the Federal Building

Healthcare is our Human Right

January 21, 2020

Dear Senator Tillis,

Senator McConnell’s ludicrous rules for the impeachment trial perpetrate a fraud on the American people.  His party is afraid of the truth and you are all participating in a massive cover up.  None of you have even tried to argue that the president is innocent since all of the evidence confirms his guilt.  He has suppressed documents and witnesses and you are joining him on the wrong side of history.

The evidence of the president’s guilt and corruption is going to keep coming out, and you are going to be embarrassed if you don’t do the right thing now.  Already 51% of the American people want to see this President removed from office. 

This unstable and cruel President has no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution.  The Department of Justice, Attorney General, and leader of the Senate also appear completely corrupt.  We just learned that the intelligence community is withholding documents that Congress is legally entitled to, having finally succumbed to the president’s constant bullying.  Where does this end? 

Today we are also gathering to protest your cruel and clueless position on health care.  You have voted against the ACA 7 times, and the attacks on the ACA have resulted in 500,000 people losing their health insurance in the past 3 years.  Without health care, people die.   The Amicus brief you and 36 other Senators sent to the Supreme Court requesting that they revisit and overturn Roe v Wade is also outrageous.  Repeatedly you put your party politics over human lives.

You are one of the most powerful people in the country, and one of the few who could make a real difference at this extremely perilous time in our history.  We implore you to consider the oath of office you took as well as your oath to be an impartial juror in the trial, and do the right thing.

Will be signed by “Tuesdays with Tillis” protest in front of your office in Raleigh NC

Letter to Senator Burr

January 14, 2020

Dear Senator Burr,

We are protesting today in Raleigh outside the Federal Building because we are alarmed by the president’s disregard for the rule of law and the failure of Senators in his party to stand up and defend our democracy and our Constitution.

More evidence emerges every day about the president’s corruption in connection with Ukraine and Russia. Russia has now hacked a server in Ukraine.  Many of us believe that Trump would not have been elected without the help of Russia.  Are you going to be complicit in a repeat of the election of 2016?  Is it okay with you for foreign powers to be involved in our elections?

Recently the President boasted of Saudi Arabia sending a check for a billion dollars in return for our troops.  Are our young men and women in uniform considered mercenaries to be sold to the highest bidder? To whom was that check written?
It is not normal for a president to lie over 15,000 times in three years.  It is not normal for Senators to join in an obvious cover up of crimes.

It is not normal for a president to accuse the leaders of the other party of being terrorists simply because they are trying to defend the rule of law.  It is not lawful for a president to commit an act of war without consulting allies or Congress unless there is an urgent, imminent threat. It is clear there was no such threat.

It is because of the election of 2020 that the House did not wait for lengthy court battles before they voted to impeach the president.  Your party appears to be joining the president in believing that the purpose of presidential power is to serve the personal interests of the person holding the office, and appears to approve of his lies, cruelty, crassness, and disinformation.

A president who does not defend the rule of law is a dictator.  If we do not defend the rule of law we will have permitted both its destruction and the destruction of our democracy.

If you felt at all accountable to the people of North Carolina, you would stand up for the rule of law instead of serving the personal interests of a corrupt and dishonest president.


Money in Politics

January 14, 2020

Dear Senator Tillis,

This is the 155th consecutive week we have protested outside your office.  We never intended this, but you keep making statements that indicate to us that you do not respect the Constitution and you do not believe in democracy.  What you consistently do is defend the President, and it is clear that he does not respect the rule of law or the Constitution.  This is why we keep showing up.

Over the past three years as we studied your statements and votes, it is clear that you do not feel accountable to the people of North Carolina, and we know that one of the reasons for this is because of the way your campaigns are funded.  You take the majority of your money from billionaires and corporations, and from out of state.

What is at stake in the impeachment trial (as well as the president’s recent assassination of a leader of a sovereign nation on the soil of another sovereign nation) is the rule of law.  More evidence emerges every day about the president’s corruption in connection with Ukraine and Russia, yet you continue to join the President in trying to suppress witnesses in the Senate trial.  In the past few days, evidence has emerged that Russia is hacking servers in the Ukraine in a direct attempt to help Trump get elected in 2020.

It is because of the election of 2020 that the House did not wait for lengthy court battles before they voted to impeach the president, and you know it.  You seem to be joining the President in believing that the purpose of presidential power is to serve the personal interests of the person holding the office.  You seem to be fine with his lies and disinformation.

It is not normal for a president to accuse the leaders of the other party of being terrorists.  It is not normal for a president to lie over 15,000 times in three years.  It is not normal for Senators to join in an obvious cover up of crimes.

A president who does not defend the rule of law is a dictator.  If we do not defend the rule of law we will have permitted both its destruction and the destruction of our democracy.

If you felt at all accountable to the people of North Carolina, you would stand up for the rule of law instead of serving the personal interests of a corrupt and dishonest president.


“Tuesdays with Tillis”

Stop Escalation toward War, Sen Burr

January 7, 2020

Dear Senator Burr,

We are all in danger now as a result of the President’s reckless assassination of General Suleimani. An impulsive act of war was carried out without the consultation of Congress, which is illegal according to our Constitution.  The President has spent three years dismantling the federal government and isolating us from our allies, and now the fight with ISIS is thoroughly stalled.

Thousands of our troops are once again headed to the Middle East for no good reason.  We have been down this road before.

There is no doubt that the motivation for this attack is to distract us from impeachment.  You can no longer dispute the rapidly accumulating evidence that the president abused his power for personal gain.  Now that John Bolton has offered to testify in the Senate trial, you must vote for a trial with witnesses, including Nick Mulvany, Rudolph Guiliani, Secretary Pompeio, and Vice President Pence.

This President boasts of his willingness to commit war crimes.  He solicits help from foreign governments to help him win elections.  He lies continually.  He seems to be following Putin’s direction even as he denigrates our intelligence agencies, debases our military, and destroys our institutions.

History will not remember you kindly if you continue to defend this President.  We do not want a war and we do not want our country to be divided by partisanship.  Please vote for a fair trial, with witnesses.  These are not partisan issues.  Your choice is to stand up for the truth, or continue to assist in the cover up by defending lies with more lies.



We Demand a Real Impeachment Trial

December 24, 2019

Dear Senator Tillis,

We the people of North Carolina demand a real impeachment trial in the Senate, not the sham trial that Senator McConnell clearly prefers.  You will have to take an oath before this trial, so we expect you to be open to any outcome. Further, no one is above the law, so we expect that the president will not use presidential power to block witnesses, as he did in the House investigation.  We demand that Rudy Guliani, Mike Pompeo, and Nick Mulvaney all testify in the Senate trial. These are the people in the position to know the truth. If the president does not have anything to hide, if he did nothing wrong, why does he not want these witnesses to testify?

We expect you to be interested in the truth. We demand that you stand up to the president and to Senator McConnell and act in the interest of truth and justice.  We are tired of the cover up. We are outraged by the obstruction of justice by the president, the Attorney General of the United States, by Senator McConnell, and by you so far in this process.   

And we continue to ask you to have a town hall.  The president’s campaign of disinformation mirrors that of Putin, and we are truly worried that you are more interested in falling into line with the cult of Trump than in doing your job. Consider your legacy in history.  It is not too late to do the right thing.