Moral Monday Action

On Monday, July 26, roughly a hundred people gathered on the sidewalk outside of Thom Tillis’s office in Raleigh for a Moral Monday lead by the Poor People’s Campaign of North Carolina.  Those assembled were attempting to raise awareness of, and demand support for, the For The People Act, The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, ending the filibuster, statehood for Washington, DC, and a $15.00/ hour minimum wage. 

Allied participating groups included the Forward Justice Law Firm, Fight For 15 NC, The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, Healthcare Workers for Justice, Tuesdays With Tillis, and the NC NAACP.

The For The People Act comes in response to voter suppression legislation, much like the “Monster Voter ID Law” that Senator helped write in 2012 in his capacity as Speaker of The House in NC and as ALEC’s (American Legislative Exchange Council) point person in the North Carolina General Assembly, are proliferating in state legislatures across the country. 

An attempt by Tuesday’s With Tillis organizer Karen Zeigler to deliver a petition in support of the For The People Act was rebuffed at the front door but the struggle for the defense of voting rights, for equal protection under the law, and for a living wage has just begun.     

Text and photos by Kevin A Smith

Citizens Demand Emergency Action from NC Legislature to Ease COVID-19 Hardships

Dear Governor Cooper, President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, Speaker of the House Tim Moore,  and all NC Senators and Representatives,

As North Carolinians, our Tuesdays with Tillis group has been gathering outside Senator Thom Tillis’ Raleigh office for the past 163 consecutive Tuesdays to bring attention to the unmet needs of the people of North Carolina. Tomorrow, and for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, we will practice social distancing and meet virtually online each week to continue our witness in this time of peril brought on by a global pandemic that now includes a growing number of cases in our State.

Today, we are calling upon Governor Cooper, President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, Speaker of the House Tim Moore, and all NC Senators and Representatives to meet in an emergency special session to be convened immediately on a virtual basis.

We call upon you to address the following issues which require an immediate and effective response to take care of the people you were elected to serve:

1) Take all necessary action now to ensure that the 2020 elections take place as scheduled, with a paper ballot provided to all registered voters with a pre-addressed postage-paid envelope, as Oregon has done successfully since 2000;

2) Expand Medicaid to all citizens who currently live without benefit of health care coverage. This alone would provide the State with $4 billion in added economic growth;

3) Provide no-cost health insurance for all currently uninsured children living in the State;

4) Extend unemployment insurance to all workers;

5) Provide all workers with paid sick leave;

6) Provide a guaranteed minimum income to all North Carolinians for the duration of the pandemic;

7) Increase the State minimum wage to $15 an hour;

8) Ensure that all children who receive free meals at school will continue to be fed;

9) Honor and extend the mandated 30-day moratorium on evictions, provide safe shelter for the homeless, and create a permanent plan for affordable housing throughout the State; and

10) Establish state-wide provisions for food and other necessities to be delivered to anyone who is in quarantine, including those who have tested positive for COVID-19. Emergency plans for our senior citizens also must be implemented.

All of these demands can be met with funds from the State’s Rainy Day Fund. That day has come.

We look forward to your immediate response.


Tuesdays with Tillis

Weekly Protest

Tuesdays with Tillis Marches in HKonJ. Lady Liberty and other members carrying a banner on Fayetteville Street.
Photo credit: Greg Stewart

Due to the recommended COVID-19 guidelines, we will be reducing our presence in front of Senator Tillis’ office temporarily. Please join us virtually by signing up for our tiny letter and following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or MeWe.  We will also post here when we resume normal marches. In the meantime, we are working on continuing our activism as a community remotely. Please stay healthy and we will see you all in person soon!

Stop Family Separation

Protesters in front of Thom Tillis' office protesting the separation of families at the border. Yellow sign reads No Human Beings are Illegal

Family separation continues in North Carolina and at our borders because of the racist and cruel policies of the Trump Administration. Our goal is our biggest rally ever, with publicity. Please spread the word. ICE raids are increasing in North Carolina, and what is happening in our name on the Southern border is a crime against humanity.
Physicians for Human Rights has declared that family separation is a form of torture. Separation happens to families in many ways, including deportation, detention, the virtual disappearance of legal immigration, the abolition of our asylum system, and the camps on the Southern border. ICE raids are increasing in North Carolina. We hope to involve many organizations so that this can be a huge and well-publicized reminder to our communities that this Administration’s cruelty to migrants and undocumented people is something we will not tolerate. If you can help with publicity or communicating with other organizations and individuals who might be interested in joining us, please let us know.
You can help North Carolina families who are being affected by deportations through Siembra NC.

Climate Emergency, Election Emergency

Lady Liberty and other protesters with sign that says Climate Change is Real -No fossil Fuel -Yes to Clean Energy

We learned this week that not only is Russia interfering in the 2020 election, but the Trump Administration is actively helping them, notably by firing the Director of National Intelligence because his deputy briefed Congress about this. This continuing pattern of people being fired for for doing their job and for telling the truth speaks of an escalating autocracy, the literal destruction of the administrative state. Meanwhile, we learned that a PAC funded by #MoscowMitch is actively interfering in the NC Senate race and that Putin is apparently aiding Trump in the Democratic primaries. The climate emergency is arguably more important and urgent than all of this, but if we do not have free and fair elections in 2020, there is not hope that we can slow the escalating destruction of the planet. We are proud to welcome guest speakers Josh McClenney, the NC Field Coordinator for Appalachian Voices, and Karen Beardon, the Triangle Coordinator.

Please join us and wear red if you have it.

Reject the Coverup

We the people will not tolerate a lawless president or a senate which covers up an illegal conspiracy.

Remove Trump

Marchers in an anti-Trump protest. Sign says Trump is not above the law.


We need to let our Senators know that the rule of law demands that Trump be removed from office, and the continual disregard of the rule of law by this administration and the president’s party in the Senate is destroying our democracy. Now is the time to show up any way we can, in Raleigh or in Washington, and to call our Senators. #RemoveTrump

Healthcare is our Human Right

Protesters holding signs that say Healthcare is a Human Right! and Denying Health Care is Violence

Because of this Administration’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act, the number of uninsured people has fallen for the past few years, by 500,000 last year.
With almost 30 million uninsured and countless more who cannot afford to use the insurance they have, people are faced with choices like draining their life savings to pay for cancer care, rationing insulin, and skipping or delaying care due to the cost. When uninsured and underinsured rates go up, so do deaths! This is a moral issue.
Healthcare justice is also a women’s rights issue. This month, Senators Tillis and Burr signed a resolution with 37 other GOP Senators to ask the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v Wade. We must stand strongly in defending the women’s reproductive dignity and our right to self-determination over our own bodies and futures. We’ll stand together to stay abortion must remain a safe and legal procedure that is a choice a woman makes in consultation with her doctor. Abortion is health care.
We will also focus on the importance making your voice heard this election year – and always – and ways for you to get active with supporting #MedicareforAll, the #LowerDrugCosts Now act (the bill introduced by the late Elijah Cummings), and other efforts to defend current protections and advance healthcare justice for the people of NC and beyond.
Our speakers will be Rebecca Cerese of the NC Justice Center and Healthcare for all, Y’all, Stacie Borrello of Healthcare for All, Y’all, and Tara Romano, Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.

Healthcare is our Human Right

January 21, 2020

Dear Senator Tillis,

Senator McConnell’s ludicrous rules for the impeachment trial perpetrate a fraud on the American people.  His party is afraid of the truth and you are all participating in a massive cover up.  None of you have even tried to argue that the president is innocent since all of the evidence confirms his guilt.  He has suppressed documents and witnesses and you are joining him on the wrong side of history.

The evidence of the president’s guilt and corruption is going to keep coming out, and you are going to be embarrassed if you don’t do the right thing now.  Already 51% of the American people want to see this President removed from office. 

This unstable and cruel President has no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution.  The Department of Justice, Attorney General, and leader of the Senate also appear completely corrupt.  We just learned that the intelligence community is withholding documents that Congress is legally entitled to, having finally succumbed to the president’s constant bullying.  Where does this end? 

Today we are also gathering to protest your cruel and clueless position on health care.  You have voted against the ACA 7 times, and the attacks on the ACA have resulted in 500,000 people losing their health insurance in the past 3 years.  Without health care, people die.   The Amicus brief you and 36 other Senators sent to the Supreme Court requesting that they revisit and overturn Roe v Wade is also outrageous.  Repeatedly you put your party politics over human lives.

You are one of the most powerful people in the country, and one of the few who could make a real difference at this extremely perilous time in our history.  We implore you to consider the oath of office you took as well as your oath to be an impartial juror in the trial, and do the right thing.

Will be signed by “Tuesdays with Tillis” protest in front of your office in Raleigh NC