Public Demonstration: “Healthcare is a Human Right”


For Tuesday, January 21, 11:30am ET 

Public Demonstration: “Healthcare is a Human Right


What: Constituent gathering to address Sen. Thom Tillis (who refuses admittance to office)

When: Tuesday, January 21, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Where: Federal Building, 310 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh NC 27601

Who: Tuesdays with Tillis; Healthcare for All, Y’all; NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina 

Visuals: Invigorated, diverse crowd; March with signs; Speakers; Sing-a-longs with acoustic guitar


Karen Ziegler | Tuesdays with Tillis | 919-819-2073

Rebecca Cerese | Healthcare for All, Y’all | 919-824-0811

Tara Romano | NARAL |


RALEIGH, NC— During the week we celebrate Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, birth, we remember that the civil rights icon said, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhuman because because it often results in physical death.” Because of this Administration’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act, the number of uninsured people has risen sharply over the past few years, leaving 500,000 additional people uninsured in 2018.

With almost 30 million uninsured and tens of millions more who cannot afford to use the insurance they have, people are faced with choices like draining their life savings to pay for cancer care, rationing insulin, and skipping or delaying care or medications due to the cost. When uninsured and underinsured rates go up, so do deaths!

In light of the moral imperative to act while people are suffering and healthcare protections in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remain under attack, dozens of advocates and activists will hold an energetic protest Tuesday, Jan. 21 at Senator Tillis’s Raleigh office, protesting his multiple votes to repeal the ACA, his “yes” vote on the 2018 budget resolution which sought to cut Medicare by $473 billion and Medicaid by $1.3 trillion. We demand Senator Tillis reverse course from the votes he’s made to dismantle healthcare protections and finally start voting to protect the ehealth and save the lives of North Carolinians.

Healthcare justice is also a women’s rights issue. Senators Tillis and Richard Burr recently signed a resolution with 37 other GOP Senators to ask the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v Wade, which healthcare and women’s rights advocates vehemently oppose. 

“We must stand strongly in defending the women’s reproductive dignity and our right to self-determination over our own bodies and futures,” said Tara Romano, the director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina. “We’ll stand together to say abortion must remain a safe and legal procedure that is a choice a woman makes in consultation with her doctor. Abortion is health care.”

Speakers include members of Healthcare for All, Y’all, a local organization dedicated to building grassroots power to pass Improved Medicare for All, and the director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.



Tillis the Juror Accepted Bribes from Trump

Tuesdays with Tillis protesters celebrating their 150th week marching in front of Thom Tillis' office. Signs read Tillis Supports LiarsTrump is giving campaign contributions to Tillis, Burr, and other Republican Senators. They are jurors about to vote on his removal from office. How is that not felony bribery? We are honored to welcome Bob Phillips, Executive Director of Common Cause NC, as our speaker. We will also be part of the taping of a French documentary centered on the illegal campaign contributions that got Tillis elected in 2016 and how he is using the same tactics in 2020.

Article here


Money in Politics

January 14, 2020

Dear Senator Tillis,

This is the 155th consecutive week we have protested outside your office.  We never intended this, but you keep making statements that indicate to us that you do not respect the Constitution and you do not believe in democracy.  What you consistently do is defend the President, and it is clear that he does not respect the rule of law or the Constitution.  This is why we keep showing up.

Over the past three years as we studied your statements and votes, it is clear that you do not feel accountable to the people of North Carolina, and we know that one of the reasons for this is because of the way your campaigns are funded.  You take the majority of your money from billionaires and corporations, and from out of state.

What is at stake in the impeachment trial (as well as the president’s recent assassination of a leader of a sovereign nation on the soil of another sovereign nation) is the rule of law.  More evidence emerges every day about the president’s corruption in connection with Ukraine and Russia, yet you continue to join the President in trying to suppress witnesses in the Senate trial.  In the past few days, evidence has emerged that Russia is hacking servers in the Ukraine in a direct attempt to help Trump get elected in 2020.

It is because of the election of 2020 that the House did not wait for lengthy court battles before they voted to impeach the president, and you know it.  You seem to be joining the President in believing that the purpose of presidential power is to serve the personal interests of the person holding the office.  You seem to be fine with his lies and disinformation.

It is not normal for a president to accuse the leaders of the other party of being terrorists.  It is not normal for a president to lie over 15,000 times in three years.  It is not normal for Senators to join in an obvious cover up of crimes.

A president who does not defend the rule of law is a dictator.  If we do not defend the rule of law we will have permitted both its destruction and the destruction of our democracy.

If you felt at all accountable to the people of North Carolina, you would stand up for the rule of law instead of serving the personal interests of a corrupt and dishonest president.


“Tuesdays with Tillis”

We Demand a Trial with Witnesses

Tuesdays with Tillis protesters celebrating their 150th week marching in front of Thom Tillis' office. Signs read Tillis Supports Liars


Senator TIllis has already stated that he plans to find the president innocent. He must be reminded that he is a juror and, in the impeachment trial, will take an oath to be impartial. The trial will be a sham without witnesses. We demand that Pompeo, Mulvaney, and Guiliani be called as witnesses and that Senator TIllis recuse himself if he finds himself unable to be impartial.

Demand a Real Trial from Moscow Mitch

If 4 Republican Senators vote with Democrats on the rules, there might actually be an impeachment trial in the Senate, with witnesses. The president must be removed. He is a danger to the national security and the very soul of America. #NotAboveTheLaw

Tillis and Burr: Vote to Remove

If our Senators do not vote to remove the president from office, they are saying it is fine for him to use US military power to solicit foreign governments to help him get elected, and it is fine for him to cover it up and obstruct justice. We are tired of lies. Join us as we make our voices heard and make public support for impeachment and removal visible. #NotAboveTheLaw

We Demand a Real Impeachment Trial

December 24, 2019

Dear Senator Tillis,

We the people of North Carolina demand a real impeachment trial in the Senate, not the sham trial that Senator McConnell clearly prefers.  You will have to take an oath before this trial, so we expect you to be open to any outcome. Further, no one is above the law, so we expect that the president will not use presidential power to block witnesses, as he did in the House investigation.  We demand that Rudy Guliani, Mike Pompeo, and Nick Mulvaney all testify in the Senate trial. These are the people in the position to know the truth. If the president does not have anything to hide, if he did nothing wrong, why does he not want these witnesses to testify?

We expect you to be interested in the truth. We demand that you stand up to the president and to Senator McConnell and act in the interest of truth and justice.  We are tired of the cover up. We are outraged by the obstruction of justice by the president, the Attorney General of the United States, by Senator McConnell, and by you so far in this process.   

And we continue to ask you to have a town hall.  The president’s campaign of disinformation mirrors that of Putin, and we are truly worried that you are more interested in falling into line with the cult of Trump than in doing your job. Consider your legacy in history.  It is not too late to do the right thing.

Stand up for the Rule of Law, Senator Tillis

December 10, 2019

Dear Senator Tillis,

You have said that you will not vote for impeachment and that Trump supports you because he understands that you have “committed to the reform agenda that he has put in place.”  What “reform agenda” is that exactly?   Is it taking food away from hungry children?  His most recent cuts to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) will affect a million people, and in North Carolina 1 in 5 children already face hunger on a regular basis.  We need you to speak out about this cruel and clueless abuse of his power.

Does the “reform agenda” involve the tax cuts?  They simply increased an already obscene wealth disparity, raiding the federal treasury to give the rich more money.  Meanwhile 10,000 people in North Carolina are homeless, and affordable housing is rapidly disappearing.

Does the “reform agenda” involve the mind-boggling escalation of the global climate crisis?

Does the “reform agenda” involve having an avowed white nationalist in the White House determine our immigration agenda?  Is the president’s racist rhetoric part of the “reform agenda”?

America is under attack by a foreign government who, by the account of all of our intelligence agencies and the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee, interfered with the 2016 election and is interfering with the 2020 right now.  The president and his Attorney General and others in the highest levels of our government including you are promoting false conspiracy theories about Ukraine that we now know originated with Putin.  Is this the “reform agenda” you are talking about, the reforming of a democracy into an autocracy?

Senator Tillis, please stand up for the rule of law and defend America’s most cherished values.  It is not too late to do your job, and to do the right thing.

Speak the Truth, Senator Tillis

Protesters, including US Senate candidate Erica Smith, outside Thom Tillis’ office.

Dear Senator Tillis,

The first two Representatives who endorsed the president’s campaign, Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter, have pled guilty and been indicted for corruption. The president’s lawyer (Michael Cohen), advisor (Roger Stone), campaign chair (Paul Manafort), national security advisor (Michael Flynn), campaign advisor (Rick Gates), and foreign policy advisor (George Papadopoulos) have all been indicted as well as many Russians who colluded with the president and his family in order to win the election.  (Just because he says over and over, “there was no collusion” does not make it true.)  Another one of the president’s lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, will likely be indicted any day now.

Meanwhile, cabinet officials Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Wilbur Ross, David Bernhardt, Robert Wilke, and Betsy Devos have all been embroiled in scandals.  The Attorney General of the United States is acting as this president’s personal lawyer, and the president continues to display a breathtaking contempt for the rule of law.  What kind of president advises people to ignore subpoenas?

You have been quoted as saying the president is doing a good job of energizing his base.  This explains your dishonest and obsequious behavior with regard to him.  We are protesting today because we are heartbroken over the ways that this president is ruining this country. A white nationalist in the White House is in control of immigration.  Every major foreign policy decision by the president benefits Russia, and GOP Representatives and Senators are parroting debunked conspiracy theories that originated with Putin. We are in a global climate emergency that is worsened daily by the president’s decisions and denial.  Meanwhile, while the tax cuts overwhelmingly benefited the rich, most Americans are struggling mightily simply to survive, and the president repeatedly cuts life-saving benefits like SNAP.   Affordable housing is disappearing.  Guns kill 100 Americans every day.

We demand that you represent the interests of the people of North Carolina, not only those who are being duped every day by Fox news and talk radio but also everybody else.  We demand that you face the truth, speak the truth, and save the country before it is too late.

Why Impeachment is Imperative

Protesters, including Lady Liberty Marching outside Thom Tillis’ office

The impeachment hearings have proved that this president used his office for personal gain, but his corruption is only a small part of how he is destroying America. His racist rhetoric and policies, destruction of the environment, retrograde actions on the climate, right-wing judges, cabinet appointments, and misogyny will be felt for decades to come. Massive public pressure can make a real difference.